in desperate need of applications

My group currently has at least three reqs open for systems administrator positions. If you, or a friend, or a relative, or some guy you met at the coffee shop last night might be interested, please let me know (evergreenjenlee at aol dot com).

I really really like my group, but we REALLY need some more people.


Does anyone have plans for halloween? Does anyone else want plans for halloween? I tend to be bad at staying in the loop for these things but its my favorite holiday and i need to do something...if all else fails, I have a spooky abandoned house on the property i suppose and still a lot of alchohol left...anyone? anyone? bueller?


Rewatched serenity last night...it was just as spectacularly awesome the second time :) this is the first time in my life i've ever watched a movie twice in the theatre that wasn't one of those "but WE haven't seen it yet" sort of situations...although technically it might have qualified for that since we took Amanda, who hadn't seen it yet...i'm seriously considering a third go-round...at some point i started thinking about *why* i like this movie/series so much...i think a lot of it has to do w/ the characters, their development, its hard to say *what* exactly, but i'm deeply attached to them in a way that is not normal for me. I don't normally get worked up emotionally over characters, heck, it's rare for me to cry or anything even over real people. When one of these characters dies, its as if a real person died, and when *i thought something happened that was really bad*, let's just say, i didn't see much of the next 5 or so minutes of film the first time

spent most of the rest of the weekend playing stars, oh did i ever forget how addicting that is...it's all kaedwen's fault...

saturday we had a moat, but it went away eventually, the pond is still quite large though, and i think there's a river somewhere...

update on serenity info

I really don't have a preference on the theatre, since i don't see movies often enough to know which are good ... the groundhog also mentioned possibility of a midnight showing but i dont know where!? ...i'm so psyched...

Phoenix Theatres World Gate 9 Theatres (7.8 mi)
13025 World Gate Drive
Herndon, VA 20170 Map
11:30am |2:15pm |5:00pm |7:35pm |10:15pm

Reston Multiplex Cinemas (8.9 mi)
11940 Market Street
Reston, VA 20190 Map
1:00pm |3:45pm |6:55pm |9:35pm |12:20am

Regal Cinemas Fairfax Towne Center (12.7 mi)
12110 West Ox Road
Fairfax, VA 22033 Map
11:20am |2:05pm |4:30pm |5:00pm |7:15pm |7:45pm |10:00pm |10:30pm

Regal Cinemas Countryside Cinema 20 (4.2 mi)
45980 Regal Plaza
Sterling, VA 20165 Map
12:00pm |1:40pm |2:40pm |4:40pm |5:40pm |7:40pm |8:40pm |10:30pm
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for those who are interested

Phoenix Theatres World Gate 9 Theatres (2.8 mi)
13025 World Gate Drive
Herndon, VA 20170 Map

* 11:30am |
* 2:15pm |
* 5:00pm |
* 7:35pm |
* 10:15pm

I think i'm going to aim for the 5:00 one, its still a matinee...going to get my tickets ahead of time just in case probably...anyone else?


I'm planning to do a batch of tie-dye this weekend...if anyone is interested (wants anything dyed, wants to see how easy it is to color their fingernails, etc.)
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